The Therapy Department is made up of specialist teams of  Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Support Workers and administrative staff.


  • Occupational Therapy is based on the use of purposeful activity and meaningful occupation as a means of maximising independence following illness or injury.

    Once you have been assessed, you will be seen by an Occupational Therapist and/or a Therapy Support Worker to oversee your treatment programme. We will work with you to identify problem areas in your daily life, focussing on the physical and cognitive elements of tasks such as washing and dressing, getting into/out of bed and on/off the toilet, bathing, eating, shopping, mobility, stairs etc. We will devise a personalised treatment plan to improve your physical and cognitive ability. The aim of this is to promote and maximise your independence with daily living activities. Where appropriate, we will recommend equipment and minor adaptations.


  • Physiotherapy is a science-based profession and takes a “whole person” approach to health and wellbeing, which includes the patient’s general lifestyle.Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.

    Physiotherapy helps to facilitate recovery, enabling people to remain independent, and aims to improve or maintain a patient’s mobility and quality of life through rehabilitation, respiratory care, advice and education within a range of different conditions.

    Once you have been assessed, you will be seen by a Physiotherapist and/or a Therapy Support Worker to oversee your treatment programme. 

    Physiotherapy outpatients are mainly treated in the Physiotherapy Department, which has individual cubicles, an open gym area, and a well- equipped fitness suite, while physiotherapy inpatients are treated on the ward and/or in the Physiotherapy department.

    There is also a hydrotherapy pool on site for inpatient and outpatient treatment.

How to find us


Occupational Therapy Outpatients is off the main corridor signposted, Occupational Therapy.


Physiotherapy Outpatients is off the main corridor signposted, Physiotherapy’ The reception and waiting area is straight ahead as you turn off the corridor. 

Contact us


  • Occupational Therapy Reception - for outpatient occupational therapy enquiries / appointments telephone: 01691 404327.
  • Physiotherapy Reception – for outpatient physiotherapy enquiries / appointments telephone: 01691 404545 or 404464. 


Please note the Therapies Administration Team are temporarily unable to take voicemail messages. If you need to contact the department, please ring within the hours of 8am and 5pm.


Our Therapy Teams


Private referrals

We offer a Private Outpatient Therapy service to both self-funding and insured patients.