Medical Illustration

Who are we?

The Medical Illustration department is based at RJAH and has existed at the site for over 50 years.


We are a small team of Medical Illustrators specialising in the field of visual communication in healthcare, delivering a comprehensive range of services through the media disciplines of photography, film, design and art.


What do we do?

We provide support for our senior clinicians, multidisciplinary clinical teams and allied healthcare professionals by producing clinical materials for patient record, education and research purposes.


We provide non-clinical material for the executive and management teams to promote the Trust's image as a centre of excellence.


What can we offer?

  • Clinical photography and videography for the purpose of documenting the visual assessment of musculoskeletal conditions, intraoperative surgical approaches, anatomy training, unusual and rare cases for research and education purposes and support for clinical trials. 


  • Image editing, for example Picture Archive and Communications System (PACS), statistical data visualisation, graphic design and line/full colour artwork for book and journal publications, scientific research posters and presentations.


  • Scientific poster and e-poster design as well as an on-site large format printing service, offering medial options of paper or fabric. 


  • Reprographics service including specimen photography, scanning and copying.