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Members are from the local community and further afield, they include patients, carers, volunteers and our staff who collectively have a stake in our hospital. Members can be involved at different levels and give views on our hospital and its services. They can elect and be elected as Governors, as well as applying for vacant Non-Executive Director posts on the Board of Directors.


Members are extremely important to us. They will have an increasingly important role to play in shaping the future provision of our services. We believe our hospital is highly regarded in the local community and is also a major source of employment for local people. We plan to develop a vibrant community within two main constituencies; a Staff constituency and a Public constituency.


We are committed to registering members from all backgrounds and strongly encourage you to become involved to help us improve our services.


Legally, as a Foundation Trust, we must have a registered membership which is reflective of the communities we serve in both England and Wales.


Become a member 


Membership is free, and as a member, you can: 



To become a member, please complete our online registration form here


Alternatively, please print out and complete an application form. For a copy of the Welsh application form, click here


You can become a member of our Foundation Trust, as long as you are 14 or over. Please ask your parent or guardian for permission if you are under 16.


Membership figures

At the end of May 2024 the membership figures were:
  • Total Number of Members: 6838


    • Staff Members: 1318
    • Volunteers: 416
    • Public Members: 5104


Contact us


If you have any queries please contact The Foundation Trust Office: