Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries

The Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries (MCSI) at RJAH is one of 11 in the UK designated to receive and treat spinal cord injured patients.


The centre of excellence serves a catchment of 10 million from North Wales, Mid Wales, South Mersey, Cheshire and The West Midlands. The MCSI provides a lifelong service to a current population of 3,500 patients and admits on average 380 patients per year, of whom approximately 100 are in the acute phase of injury. Approximately 1500 patients have a full outpatient follow-up review each year.


The multi disciplinary team provides assessment, treatment and education to patients with a spinal cord injury. Support is also provided to partners and family members.


The centre is also home to a stunning Horatio’s Garden, which offers sanctuary for patients with spinal cord injury. The garden is the fourth of its kind to open in the UK.


Conditions and injuries treated

A spinal cord injury (SCI) causes paralysis, sensory impairment, a multi-system physiological impairment and malfunction, as well as psychological, social, financial, environmental and vocational effects.


The MCSI is dedicated to the management of spinal injuries, maximising neurological recovery and function, minimising complications and disability, and through follow up appointments after discharge, maintaining health, independence and a good quality of life on an ongoing basis.



  • Acute and Rehabilitation Care
  • Urological care
  • Pressure Sore Management
  • Management of skeletal spasticity including Botulinum toxin injection and insertion of intrathecal (Baclofen) pumps.
  • Hand and Upper Limb management
  • Private patient facilities 



The majority of patients are ideally admitted within 72 hours from referral. More than 70 per cent of patients with spinal injuries who are admitted to MCSI within 48 hours from injury with paralysis but with pin prick sensory sparing are able to walk again. The incidence is even higher if some flicker of movement is present.


About 85 per cent of our patients are discharged to their own home on completion of treatment and rehabilitation.


Referral methods


  • NHS trauma centres/hospitals are required to refer patients via the National Spinal Injury Database if possible within four hours of admission. An outreach visit may be necessary to assess the patient prior to acceptance for admission to the centre. If so this will be done as quickly as possible by a member of our Outreach Team. If your patient is not accepted, support and advice can be provided.
  • International patient referrals should be made to the doctor on call via the hospital switchboard 01691 404000.
  • Private patient enquiries are welcome. 



In order to provide for the needs of the spinal cord injured patients, MCSI comprises of 44 beds:


  • 15 beds for acute/rehabilitation (Wrekin Ward),
  • 29 beds for rehabilitation and readmission (Gladstone Ward),
  • 4 roomed Outpatient department (OPD) with integral facilities for specific investigations and treatment,
  • access to physiotherapy department – treatment room, gym and hydrotherapy pool
  • access to occupational therapy department and self contained rehabilitation flat.
  • access to clinical psychology team
  • discharge planning process
  • outreach team
  • patient education programme
  • vocational/social activities
  • private patient facilities available