The Orthotic Research & Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU) is based at RJAH. 


The unit was established in 1975 by Gordon Rose, an orthopaedic surgeon, to provide assessments of mobility impairment and to develop engineering solutions for patients with disabilities.


Today ORLAU continues to: 


  • Assess children and adults with mobility problems by gait analysis
  • Advise patients and referring clinicians on treatment options and strategies
  • Deliver orthoses, mobility aids and walking devices for adults and children
  • Train health professionals in the fields of movement analysis and rehabilitation engineering
  • Research and develop engineering solutions for mobility impairment


In ORLAU, we carry out specialist assessments and supply bespoke devices to help patients move more easily. To do that, we have a multidisciplinary team of orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, orthotists, clinical engineers and technicians. Most of our patients will see more than one health professional during their visit. Getting appointments right takes careful planning so we have our own admin team who look after that for us. Around 40 staff work in ORLAU and, because we run a specialist service, we also have trainees, researchers and students working with us. Between us we can cover clinical, technical and operational questions about our clinical services.  

Contact us


You can contact our reception 01691 404532.


Please email: rjah.orlau@nhs.net 


Our postal address is: ORLAU, The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7AG


Office hours are 8:45am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8:45am to 4pm on Friday.


Quality Assurance


ORLAU has held accreditation to ISO 9001 since 1998. In March 2017, we successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 and also hold accreditation to ISO 13485:2016. ORLAU’s Movement Analysis Service is accredited by The Clinical Movement Analysis Society of the UK and Ireland (CMAS).


A copy of our Quality Policy can be made available on request.