Baschurch Day Unit

The majority of our patients are admitted via Baschurch Day Unit. Patients having surgery that will require inpatient care will be transferred to one of our wards after theatre. The unit forms part of our £15.1 million Theatre and Ward Development, which opened in August 2016.


Coming to the hospital should not be a worrying experience. Our ward is staffed by a caring and committed team of highly skilled professionals who treat a variety of orthopaedic conditions. We aim to make your stay as short and as pleasant as possible.




Arriving at the Hospital

When you arrive at the hospital for your procedure please come straight to the Baschurch Day Unit (Location 12) and report to the reception. Please try to arrive by the time stipulated on your letter.




The Baschurch Day Unit can be found off the main corridor of the hospital at Location 12. If you arrive via the hospital Main Entrance, go past the cafe and shops and turn right onto the main hospital corridor and continue down the corridor to Location 12 on the right-hand side where you will see our tree mural on a green wall and the Baschurch Day Unit Reception desk.


Car parking spaces are limited on the site and there is not a designated Baschurch Day Unit car park, but please feel free to park in the designated drop off spaces outside the Main Entrance to pick up your friend or relative. Please note that the maximum waiting time is 20 minutes.


Your time on Baschurch Day Unit

How long will I have to wait?


Please be advised that patients are admitted in the order they appear on their theatre list, not order of arrival. List order may be subject to change at short notice; we have eleven different theatres running at once.


Please let a member of the reception staff know if the wait causes you any difficulties and they will arrange for a nurse to come and speak to you in private. We have pagers that can be provided if you would like to leave the unit, once you have been seen by all relevant staff – we will then page you when you need to return.


Contact Us

If you have any queries in the meantime please feel free to call 01691 404048.