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Welcome to Sheldon Ward 

The ward team and I will do our best to ensure that all your care needs are met and you are as comfortable as possible during your stay. If you have any problems or concerns that you would like to discuss with me, please mention this to one of the ward staff who will make me aware that you would like to talk to me.

Sheldon Ward                                          

Sheldon ward is a twenty three bed ward with dedicated female and male sides. There are fifteen rehabilitation beds and eight beds which can be split between rheumatology and patients requiring further rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 


Our ward based team consist of:


Doctors, Nursing Staff, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Ward Clerks and House Keepers, we also regularly have students on placements. Other members of the team not stationed on the ward are Social Workers, Speech Therapist, Language Therapist, Dieticians and Pharmacists.


We are sure that as soon as you are medically fit enough to leave the hospital you will be anxious to do so. To ensure that you can leave hospital as soon as possible, we need to start planning now. Your estimated discharge date will be given to you on your admission and our team will support you and your family to achieve the target.


Although most patients will return home at  the end of their stay, some will decide after consultation with family, carers, the ward team and their social workers that it would be best for them to move to either a nursing or residential home. If this is relevant in your case you will obviously want to consider all the options available as this is a big decision to have to make.


You may find that the home of your choice doesn’t have a place available immediately. We have to point out that once you are medically fit to leave the hospital you will not be able to stay in the hospital whilst you are waiting for a bed to become available at the home of your choice or if you are waiting for any home adaptations to be carried out.


The ward team will work with you and your family or carers to look at the alternatives, these may include moving to another suitable home, and where you can stay until a vacancy comes up at the home of your choice. We want to help all of our patients to make the right choice about what they do when they leave hospital and will support you in all ways possible.


I am sure you appreciate the urgent demands on the hospital beds in Shropshire, so I would be grateful if you could give serious thought now to your plans for when you are medically fit to leave hospital.


Sheldon Ward Manager


Meal Time
Breakfast:   07:30
Lunch:   12:00
Dinner:   17:30
Snacks & Drinks:   Throughout the day