Visiting someone in hospital

Inpatients are allowed one named visitor on all of our wards.  

Visiting had previously been put on halt towards the end of March 2020 for all patients, except those on end-of-life care plans or in other exceptional circumstances, in line with national guidance in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new rules don't represent the return to business as normal, as visiting is still heavily limited to minimise any risk of covid-19 being brought onto the hospital site.

Visiting an inpatient at RJAH

  • Orthopaedic Wards

Patients who are under the care of the hospital's orthopaedic wards - Clwyd, Kenyon, Ludlow, Oswald and Powys - as well as the medical rehabilitation ward, Sheldon Ward, will be able to nominate one named visitor.

This named visitor will be the only person able to visit the patient during their stay in hospital. 

Named visitors will be required to book a slot via the ward clerk and will be able to stay for a maximum of one hour.

  • Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries

As of Monday 28 September, the same rules regarding one named visitor apply on the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries (MCSI).  ​Patients on MCSI had previously been allowed two named visitors but it has been decided that they will now follow the same guidance as other areas of the hospital, with one named visitor only. That change will come into effect from Monday 28 September.

Visits to patients on MCSI must be held outdoors in the Horatio's Garden facility which is next to the Centre. Horatio's Gadren has a large covered area that can be used in the event of bad weather.


Visiting times

Each ward has discretion as to how early they will offer slots, but all visiting for the day must conclude by 7pm to allow time for cleaning.


Booking a slot to visit

To book a time to visit a patient, named visitors should call the ward between 10am and 2pm from Monday to Friday. You can find the contact numbers for all wards below.

Please note: visitors will need to give their name, address and contact phone number in case it's needed for use by the NHS Test and Trace service.

Contact numbers  

  • Clwyd Ward - trauma and orthopaedics - 01691 404204
  • Gladstone Ward - spinal injury rehabilitation (MCSI) - 01691 404413
  • Kenyon Ward - trauma and orthopaedics - 01691 404425
  • Ludlow Ward - trauma and orthopaedics - 01691 404420
  • Oswald Ward - orthopaedic oncology - 01691 404284
  • Powys Ward - trauma and orthopaedics - 01691 404206
  • Sheldon Ward - medical rehabilitation - 01691 404371
  • Wrekin Ward - spinal cord injuries (MCSI) - 01691 404406


Staying safe

All visitors will be expected to undergo a temperature check and put on a face mask when they arrive at the Main Entrance, and to observe all social distancing guidelines.


Outpatient appointments

These changes do not apply to people attending for appointments in the Main Outpatients Department, who must continue to attend their consultation alone unless by prior agreement with the department.

This is due to space restrictions in the Main Outpatients which mean adequate social distancing could not be maintained if patients were accompanied.

If you are bringing someone to an outpatient appointment then you can only take them as far as the Main Entrance. You can then either make use of the cafe in the Main Entrance (currently open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm), or return to your car to wait.