Orthotics School Clinics

The Orthotics Department at RJAH run clinics at the Bridge School in Telford and Severndale Specialist Academy in Shrewsbury.

The clinics are run by an orthotist with the assistance of an orthotic assistant. We carry out assessment, casting, fitting and reviews at the clinics for many different types of orthotic devices including footwear, insoles, leg gaiters and ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). For more complicated devices such as spinal braces, you may need to visit our main department at the RJAH hospital where we have more specialist equipment.

As with our other services, patients are referred to us by a consultant and can then be seen at the school clinics. If an existing patient has recently moved to or started at one of the schools, they can request to be seen there.

Appointments are booked for the school clinics by contacting the orthotics department at RJAH on 01691 404442. Parents are advised to contact the school and let them know the date and time of their child’s appointment.

Parents will be required to attend the first appointment of the school year, when a review is requested or if it is a new assessment. This is to make sure we are receiving up to date information about their child’s medical conditions and treatments and ensuring they remain informed about and involved in their child’s orthotic treatment. It will help to ensure we are providing the best care possible.  Parents may also be requested to attend further appointments if their child’s orthotic prescription is being changed or if it would benefit their child’s treatment for them to be there. Parents are very welcome to continue to attend all appointments if they would like to.

If a parent would like their child to be seen without them being present and we are happy to do this, a consent form can be filled out at the initial appointment to consent for us to do this. A new consent form will need to be completed for each school year. No children will be seen without a parent or guardian if an up-to-date consent form has not been completed.

If a child is seen without their parent/guardian a letter will be sent home with them detailing what has happened during the appointment. For some orthotic devices different styles/colours are available. If so, this will be written on the letter along with details of where to find the choices. For footwear we usually use Piedro boots which can be chosen from their website at https://www.piedro-uk.co.uk/ In the letter written home to you, we will state the size and width shoe required as well as the boot type (Rehab/Stability). Please use the filter options on the website as not all styles may be available in your child’s size. If we are using another make of footwear, this will be detailed on your letter. The transfer sheet for AFOs and other plastic devices is available at: Transfer sheet for AFOs and other plastic devices Please contact us on 01691 404442 as soon as possible with this information to prevent treatment being delayed as the orthoses cannot be ordered without this information.