What to Expect

This page explains what to expect on work experience including dress code, appearance, refreshment arrangements and example corporate programme outlines.


Dress Code and Appearance

It is expected that students will arrive for duty adhering to the following: 

  • Appearance - A clean, neat and tidy appearance is expected at all times for all students and nursing staff. 
  • Clothing – All clothing should allow for a range of movements.  Long trousers or a calf length skirt should be ward with a polo shirt or t-shirt/short-sleeved blouse, as clinical areas can be quite warm.  Clothes should be changed daily.
  • Uniform - In ward / clinical areas students are expected to wear / make use of protective plastic aprons.  It is also requested that students wear short sleeves e.g. a polo shirt
  • Shoes - Shoes must be low heeled with non-slip soles.  Footwear should cover the whole foot. Trainers are acceptable if clean and well maintained.
  • Name Badges - Students will be allocated name badges which must be worn at all times in the hospital for security reasons.  These will be given out on the first day of placement and must be returned at the end of placement.
  • Hair - Should be neat and tidy, and tied up if long off the face. Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum and should be navy or black in colour.
  • Nails - Should be short and unpolished in clinical areas, for control of infection and safety reasons. No nail extensions are to be worn.
  • Jewellery - No jewellery should be worn in clinical areas except for a plain band ring (no stoned rings) and a single pair of small ear studs. No other jewellery should be worn (with the exception of medical alert information as necessary).

Refreshment Arrangements

  • Lunch will be provided on Monday and Friday of the Corporate Week.

  • There is a staff restaurant on-site that students can use for the other three days of their placement. Students can also bring a packed lunch if they prefer.

Corporate Programme Examples