Student comments

This page contains comments from thank you letters sent from students successfully completing their placements at RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital.

"I am writing to thank you for giving me the opportunity and privilege for working at the hospital for a very enjoyable and valuable week.

I found the programme was excellent as it gave me different opportunities and experiences in each ward (Powys, Ludlow and Sheldon) and different departments (Clinical Audit and X-ray porters) - I really enjoyed my time with the X-ray porters in particular they were very welcoming and helpful.

I also found the induction day very helpeful and interesting.  It was good to hear are the spinal research and about infection control; also pass on my regards to Chloe for the CPR training which was very fun.  Furthermore, I also really enjoyed the final corporate day on Friday because it got us all to communicate with one another particularly in the mock interviews which I found very enjoyable and useful.

My time at the hospital was very enjoyable and a steep learning curve. I would like to thank the staff at RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital for being vey friendly and patient with us during the week."

Student from The Corbet School, Baschurch on the Medical Taster Programme

“I am writing to thank you for allowing me to spend the last week at the hospital. I found the experience really interesting and I now have a much clearer idea about working life and the health care system in particular.
I would especially like to thank: Andy Clarke (Pharmacy), Keith Miller (ORLAU), Kate (Physiotherapy), Dr Kumar (Spinal Injuries), Amanda McFie (Clinical Audit) and the Porters for all the help they gave me during the week. I did appreciate it.
Thanks again for organising the week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time observing Dr Kumar. I found it interesting and fascinating.”

Student from Shrewsbury School on Medical Taster Programme

“After completing my work experience with RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital Foundation Trust, I offer my sincere thanks and can say, without a doubt, that I enjoyed my placement thoroughly. I have successfully gained an insight into how a hospital functions and have developed valuable skills that will be extremely useful to me in the future. The experience has therefore further supported my lifelong ambition to become a doctor and will be beneficial to me when pursuing my goal.

I enjoyed working on each of the wards, however, please send my thanks particularly to Sheldon Ward and Powys Ward, where the staff were very friendly and attentive. I also found the shifts were very well organised and that staff were keen to get me involved and observe a variety of procedures. I almost always had something to do.

Once again I thank you and everyone at the Trust for making my work experience both fun and interesting. I would fully recommend it to anyone seeking work experience, especially to someone contemplating medicine or nursing as a career path.”

Student from Corbet School, Baschurch on Medical Taster Programme

“Thank you very much for allowing me to take part in your work experience programme. I had a fantastic week and every session was interesting and gave me a great insight in to what life in a hospital is like. I have learnt so much and am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

I especially liked my time on Clwyd Ward and my afternoon with Mr Banerjee, as I found these parts of the week fascinating and I loved being able to engage with the patients.”

Student from Oswestry School on Medical Taster Programme