Jeremy Chavez

Name, age and where do you live: I’m Jeremy Chavez, I am 43 years old and live in Oswestry with my wife Gen, who also works at RJAH on Wrekin Ward, and our children Chelsea and Ethan.
Tell us about your career history: I joined the Powys Ward team in January 2017 as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA). Powys Ward is one of the orthopaedic surgical inpatient wards at RJAH. I started my career in health and social care back in 2007 as a Care Assistant in a Residential Home in Oswestry - I worked there for almost 9 years and earned my NVQ qualifications along the way.
What are you most looking forward to in your new role as Trainee Nurse Associate: I’m excited with the new job role because it is the beginning of my journey of becoming an Associate Nurse. I’m excited to be a student again, to learn and progress in the field of nursing. I’m excited for these new challenges up ahead because I feel like I have already reached my potential as HCA. 
What has helped you progress your career at RJAH: The Trust has helped in so many ways. It provided me with the opportunity to grow my skill set so I can be good, or even better, in my role as an HCA and upcoming role as a Nurse Associate. RJAH is one of the best hospitals in the country, or even the world, and I always want to be the best of what I do. That is why I joined, so I can learn from the best.
What do you do in your spare time/any hobbies: My “me-time” would usually be playing table tennis which is my passion. I play in the local leagues in Oswestry and Shrewsbury, and help coach as well to help others learn how to play the sport.