NHS70 Celebrations

As the NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary, we want to say a big thank you to health and care staff who deliver and support research. Over the past 70 years, research has improved the care delivered to patients in the NHS, and today it is shaping the future of health and care. The NHS is able to offer cutting-edge treatments thanks to the hard work and commitment of researchers and NHS staff who deliver and support research.

Healthcare professionals undertake a range of roles in clinical research. Whether they're leading research in their field of interest, a co-applicant or principal investigator for studies, advising sponsors or sites about the shape and feasibility of their research or taking a leading and essential role in recruitment and delivery of studies - every role and every professional is important.

To celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday, we’re encouraging the public to ‘give the NHS a present’ by taking part in research. Encourage your patients and their carers to take part in research to help the NHS develop new treatments, improve care and save lives.

Why not visit the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) webpages where you can find a range of resources to support colleagues in getting involved with research, and help you to encourage more patients to take part in research.

You could also:

·         Follow your Local NIHR Clinical Research Network on social media: @CRN_Wmid, www.facebook.com/CRNWMid

·         Visit www.iamresearch.co.uk  to find out about opportunities to get involved in health and care research.

·         Join the conversation about health and care research on social media. Include #iamresearch and #NHS70 hashtags in your social media posts to shine the spotlight on research in your area.

 Thank you for your continued support for NHS research