Information for patients and the public

Research studies are the way we gather evidence about what works best, in order to improve treatments for patients, now and in the future.

Our research could not happen without patients and the public. With your help, we can gain a better understanding of the conditions we treat, improve our healthcare and save lives.

To find out more about it means to take part in a clinical trial, follow this link to the UK Clinical Trials gateway 

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To find out about the results of research that have taken place at RJAH in the past click here.

Help us shape our research

We want to work with members of the public, patients and our participants to improve how we do research and help shape that research.

We actively seek to involve people like you in many aspects of our work, from assessing study ideas and refining how studies are run, to building on and promoting the outcomes of trials and studies.

If you are interested in helping develop the research underpinning future treatments and health technologies, we want to hear from you. Contact our Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Officer:  [email protected]