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Gladstone ward is a 29 bedded rehabilitation ward for patients following spinal cord injury.

We offer an individualised and comprehensive approach to spinal cord injury rehabilitation with highly specialised and experienced staff, appropriate facilities and equipment.

Rehabilitation aims to maximise neurological recovery, functional abilities and psychological adjustment, to enable the patient to return to the community as independent and productive as possible - and prepared to resume their life.

Patients will actively participate in goal planning   which will be tracked and acknowledged by the multi-disciplinary team, at two-weekly goal planning meetings.  While you are here, our staff will gradually encourage you to take more responsibility for your own care needs so that you become as independent as possible when you leave the Centre.

A weekly schedule is put together to help you reach your goals and usually includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, sports-therapy, nursing and teaching sessions. Please note, we have limited storage space available.

Temporary visiting restrictions are in place during the coronavirus pandemic. You can read about these here.

Welcome to Gladstone Ward

As ward manager, I would like to warmly welcome you to our rehabilitation ward. We look forward to caring for you during your stay and hope this web page will answer some questions you may have and provide you with information about Gladstone ward. Should you or your family wish to discuss any aspect of your care, please feel free to ask myself or a member of the team.

We take great pride in delivering services of the highest quality to our patients with an emphasis on putting the patient at the heart of the NHS. I do hope your experience is of a high standard.

Our ethos is to work as a team together to achieve patient’s goals.

We constantly strive to improve our services and we value your comments experiences and views and will relish your ideas of improvements to ensure we provide the best care and experience all our spinal cord injuries patients.

On Gladstone ward we aim to provide the best support and care for you while you are with us.

Let me know your experience on Gladstone ward, your comments, compliments and complaints so that we can listen, learn , improve and respond.

Thank You

Rebecca Warren – Midland Centre For Spinal injuries Ward Manager

Breakfast:  07:30
Lunch:  12:00
Dinner:  17:30
Snacks & Drinks:  20:30

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