Visiting someone in hospital

This page was last updated on 17 June 2022.

All inpatients being cared for at RJAH are allowed one or more “named visitor” from Monday 20 June.

Named visitors must book their visits with the Ward Clerk in the ward where their loved one is staying. Individual wards will be able to use their own discretion as to time slots they offer to visitors. 

Visitors will only be required to wear a face mask when visiting their loved ones who have confirmed or suspected covid-19 or other respiratory illnesses, such as flu, as well as those who are deemed as clinically extremely vulnerable.  

Visitors are also asked to follow guidance on good hand hygiene whilst on the hospital site. 


Outpatient appointments

People attending for appointments in the Main Outpatients Department, who must continue to attend their consultation alone unless by prior agreement with the department.

This is due to space restrictions in the Main Outpatients which mean adequate social distancing could not be maintained if patients were accompanied.

If you are bringing someone to an outpatient appointment then you can only take them as far as the Main Entrance. You can then either make use of the cafe in the Main Entrance (currently open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm), or return to your car to wait.