Joint School

Please note that in light of present circumstances, Joint School is currently postponed until further notice. We will update this page when it is back up and running as usual.

What is Joint School?

The interactive classroom style ‘Joint School’ is a very important part of your preparation for surgery and will help you know what to expect when you come into hospital to have your hip replaced and your rehabilitation at home. Joint school complements the Patient Information DVDs which can be viewed here.

You will be invited to attend a Joint School session. You can make a booking during your clinic appointment OR book online below or by phoning 01691 404038 and leaving your name, phone number and date you wish to attend. This phoneline is unmanned and you will not receive a call back.

Bring your buddy!

It is important to invite your ‘joint buddy’ to join you at the Joint School.

A buddy is a person chosen by you to support and encourage you throughout your treatment. A buddy is often a partner, a family member or a friend. The buddy will not be expected to carry out clinical duties nor do they need any medical expertise. Buddies play an important role in supporting you throughout your experience.

Involve your buddy as much as possible during the time leading up to your operation. They can be invaluable to you in organising your home and helping with pre-operative exercises.

Don’t worry if you do not have a buddy, it will not affect your recovery.

Why come to Joint School?

At Joint School, there is time to discuss practical things that will help you and your buddy plan for the procedure and your recovery in hospital and at home. The session will explain your whole patient journey including: 

  • how to prepare for surgery
  • what to bring into hospital
  • physiotherapy exercises
  • type of anaesthetic
  • post-operative pain relief

It also provides opportunity to meet some of the team who will be involved in your care following surgery.

At the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital we believe that Joint School will prepare you to play an important part in getting better sooner and aims to enhance your post-operative experience.

The combined presentation/ question and answer session takes approximately 90 minutes and runs weekly.  The presentation is delivered by specialist enhanced recovery staff, as well as being attended by an previous  patient.

What do previous joint school participants say?

Feedback for the session has been excellent, here are some comments:

  • “Best preparation ever”
  • “Entertaining, informative and concise”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable”
  • “Just the right amount of detail”
  • “I had lots of questions and found answers to them all”
  • “Professional, confident presenters, filled me with confidence”
  • “Operation and rehabilitation just as promised”

Dates and Booking for Joint School 2020

Review the Joint School dates then book your place using the form below.

All sessions start at either 10.30am and run until 12 midday (AM) or start at 2pm and run until 3.30pm (PM). 



To see a full list of dates, times and locations for Joint School sessions, please click here. 


Book your Joint School place:

Tel: 01691 404038

Please leave a message confirming your name and contact number on our voicemail service to confirm your attendance.

We will only contact you if you have any queries relating to Joint School.