Spinal Injuries Clinical Psychology Service

Sustaining a spinal cord injury is a traumatic life event which can create a great deal of stress and upset for everyone involved. Most people experience a whole range of emotions, which are entirely normal but may feel difficult to cope with.  Here at the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries (MCSI) we have a dedicated Clinical Psychology service which aims to support both patients and their families to cope in the time following the injury. 

The team are available to talk with patients about any concerns they might have and how they are coping. This can provide an opportunity to talk about losses, fears and worries about the future in a private and confidential setting.  There can be many adjustments that need to take place in life following spinal cord injury. Many people find it helpful to have the opportunity to talk to someone at this time. 

The service supports people with a whole range of different issues, which may impact on someone’s ability to cope with the situation including managing chronic pain, concerns about relationships and sexuality, mental health issues and problems with memory.

At the point of discharge, the department can provide advice for people with a spinal cord injury on how to access support from local services, to ensure that an individual has the required support in their local area.

The Team

  • Dr Sally Kaiser, Principal Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Leah Wood, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Mrs Mary Watkins, Specialist Psychological Rehabilitation Practitioner

Contact Us:

Telephone: 01691 404649