Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Every hospital in England which performs hip or knee replacement surgery is required by the Department of Health (DH) to provide details about the patient’s condition before joint replacement; this is then followed up by the DH contacting the patient direct after six months to check the success of the procedure.
This means that every patient undergoing hip or knee replacement is approached at Pre-Operative Assessment to complete a PROMs questionnaire for the DH. Locally we use this pre-operative information and compare it with data at 12 months after surgery to see how the patient has benefitted.
The comparative measures used to assess success are the Oxford Hip Score and the Oxford Knee Score. The surveys comprise 12 questions about how the joint to be replaced has affected the life of the patient over the previous four weeks. A high score out of 48 means that the joint has caused few problems whilst a score nearer to 0 means that the patient has experienced severe problems. Success is measured by the improvement in the score before and after surgery.
PROMs results that are available to the public can be viewed from NHS Digital by clicking here.