Governance Framework

As a Foundation Trust, it is our duty to provide care to our patients that is safe, effective, caring and responsive to the needs of the population we serve.

The Assurance and Standards Team are required to develop and implement a strong structure for Governance. Good governance is an important tool for ensuring the quality of care within the organisation. Effective leadership, with appropriate expertise, knowledge and independence are essential.

At RJAH, we have developed a structure of governance through our committees and processes to ensure the quality of care is assured. Each year we undertake a rigorous review of our own performance and that of our committees which assure the quality of care provided through a self-assessment against Monitor’s Quality Governance Framework to ensure the framework and systems of Governance are fit for purpose.

The Board Governance structure consists of four assurance committees chaired by Non-Executive Directors.
  • The Quality and Safety Committee reviews and monitors the systems and processes required to ensure the effectiveness of the care provided, workforce issues and the patient experience. Clear sign off of the annual Cost Improvement Programme by the Chief Nurse and Chief Medical Officer is essential to ensure quality of care to patients and the work environment for staff is not compromised where savings have been identified these are presented and monitored by the Quality and Safety Committee.
  • The Finance Planning and Investment Committee provides assurance to the Board in relation to the operational performance and financial management structures and processes required for the delivery of the services.
  • The Risk Committee overseas risk and assurance processes and provides assurance to the Board in relation to the management of risk across the organisation.
  • The Audit Committee supports the formal and transparent arrangements for considering how the Board applies the corporate reporting, risk management and internal control principles which are reported through the annual governance statement within the annual report. The Audit Committee is also responsible for maintaining working relationships with the Trust’s internal and external auditors. All business cases are quality impact assessed and risks identified, monitored and mitigated to ensure quality is not affected. 

As a Foundation Trust and as part of our Governance Framework we are supported by the Council of Governors who have a statutory duty to hold the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the board and to represent the interests of the Foundation Trust members and the public.

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