Quality Forum

Quality is at the core of everything we do at RJAH and has been since the hospital opened at its current site in 1921 with the founding members Sir Robert Jones and Dame Agnes Hunt.

They established traditions of innovative treatment, care, dedication and professionalism which still guide us today. Their legacy is a hospital which continually raises standards, one which pushes boundaries in areas like community-based care, holistic approaches to treatment and multi-disciplinary working between clinicians and non-clinical staff.

Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, administrative staff and more, alongside the Senior Leadership Team, continue to work together to deliver the vision upon which the hospital was founded to provide outstanding patient care to every patient every day.
To create an environment where quality can flourish, it is important for us to recognise the contribution our staff make day in day out and to abandon blame when things go wrong. We need to be open and transparent and learn from the experiences of our patients, their carers and our staff.

External reviews, Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), concerns and complaints, incident reports, risk assessments, clinical audit and quality outcomes data are all ‘free intelligence’ and should be used that way. Engaging with our patients and visitors as well as those delivering the services across the organisation will provide us with a wealth of knowledge that can only point us in the right direction whether that is creating opportunities for innovative change or more of the same.

Our Values

In order to support the quality agenda within the organisation, we have been clear about what is expected from our staff through the development of our Trust values. These values underpin the culture required to support staff to deliver high quality care and should provide a positive environment in which quality will flourish. The values provide a framework for staff to challenge behaviours at all levels and to define what working at the RJAH means to them.

In order for quality to be consistently achieved, there needs to be a culture across the organisation of commitment to collective quality improvement rather than individual departments focusing on their own projects. If the values of the organisation support an environment of team working then the aims and objectives of the organisation can be embraced by everyone which will lead to a cohesive approach to patient safety, engagement and quality improvement that is achievable and sustainable.

Areas of the RJAH Quality Forum

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