Patient Information

Patients referred to the Oswestry Pain Management Programme by their GP or Consultant are invited to attend for assessment  with a senior member of the OPMP team. During assessment, the patient has the opportunity to discuss their condition and their expectations of the programme and the potential benefits they may gain from attending. Information about the accommodation and facilities is also provided, along with a patient information leaflet. Once a patient has decided to accept the offer of a place on a programme, arrangements for booking are completed.

On discharge from attendance on a programme, a patient information booklet is provided to each patient summarising important educational and practical aspects. The purpose of the booklet is for use as a resource to help them with ongoing self management.

Patients are offered follow-up appointments at three and six months after completion of a programme. This is an opportunity to speak to a member of the OPMP team and discuss progress and/or receive further advice about ongoing management of their condition.

Further resources may be found on the following web sites:

  • The Physiotherapy Pain Association  - Click on 'people with pain'. This provides information on patient leaflets, recommended books and other useful web sites.
  • The British Pain Society  - Click on 'for patients'. This provides patient information, FAQs, publications, useful addresses and more.