Hips and Knees

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This is a specialist service for patients requiring:

  • Knee Arthroscopy and Ligament Reconstruction
  • Hip Arthroscopy and Impingement Surgery (joint preserving)
  • Osteotomy surgery in Young Persons (joint preserving) – an operation to move the painful forces going through an affected joint, without replacing it, by moving the position of the bones.
  • Hip and Knee Replacement and Complex Joint Replacement - to replace an arthritic or damaged joint or for patients with inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid disease, gout or psoriasis.

Abnormal joints

Young persons

Elderly persons

Previous operations on joints

Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Revision Hip and Knee Replacement and Complex Reconstructions -Revisions can be done several times but become much more complicated and are best undertaken in a centre with high volumes of such surgery.

Loosened joint replacement

Infected hip and knee replacement

Painful joint replacements

The Hip and Knee Replacement Unit specialises in complex primary and revision joint replacement and is developing new technologies for reconstruction. As one of the top specialist hip and knee replacement centres in the UK, performing over 2600 joint replacements each year, the hospital has also developed as a leading referral centre for the treatment of difficult joint replacements, revision joint replacements and infected joint replacements. The development of new prostheses and grafting techniques are a particular speciality utilising a range of donor bone grafts to tantalum and titanium augments. 

Consultant Arthroplasty Surgical Team

Includes (click on a name to view their consultant profile):

For hip and knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty):

  • Patients can be reassured by our specialist expertise and our consistently low infection rates.
  • At RJAH, we have been leading the way in enhanced recovery, meaning that patients can walk on the day of surgery reducing the risk of complications such as blood clots. These patients usually leave hospital safely within 3 days of their joint replacement. 
  • The implants we use for joint replacement vary according to the individual patient’s need from simple replacements to sophisticated implants for complicated cases.
  • The hospital specialises in revision surgery, accepting over 300 referrals from other hospitals both locally and nationally making us a ‘tertiary referral centre.’ We have fellowship trained surgeons to undertake this very specialist area. This means they have undertaken extra training at world renowned centres in specialist areas covering the fields of infection, fractures and joint failure.
  • We also offer hip arthroscopy to treat problems that do not require joint replacement in younger patients, such as groin pain.
  • At RJAH we have an established specialist Knee and Sports Injuries service to treat soft tissue, cartilage and ligament problems of the groin, knee, shoulder, ankle - problems associated with sporting injuries in athletes.  The majority of this is carried out as day case arthroscopic (key hole) surgery and followed by intensive physiotherapy under the care of our specialist sports physiotherapy team.

The hip and knee surgery service cares for people from a wide age range – from children through to elderly people. We also have a Young Hip Team which treats congenital hip dislocations and childhood hip problems. Please click here to view more information about our Children's Unit. 

Joint School

The interactive classroom style ‘Joint School’ is a very important part of your preparation for hip or knee surgery and will help you know what to expect when you come into hospital to have your hip / knee replaced and your rehabilitation at home. Joint school complements the Patient Information DVDs which can be viewed here.

You will be invited to attend a Joint School session.

For further information about Joint School including a list of session dates please visit the Joint School webpage.