Patient Case Study: Tim Lennox

For sporty lawyer Tim Lennox, ACI has offered a new lease of life.

The 29-year-old was a keen footballer but was forced to quit playing as pain in his knee got worse and worse.

And, with other options not working, he was more than happy to make the long journey from his home in Glasgow to take part in the trials for ACI at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital.

“I’m not sure where the original injury came from,” said Tim. “But it was probably from playing football.

“About four or five years ago I started to have more problems with my knee, and I decided to have something done about it.

“I went for treatment but it didn’t really work so I requested a second opinion. It was then that ACI was mentioned to me and I was referred down here to see Professor Richardson.”

Tim made the trip down from Scotland in 2017 to have healthy cartilage cells taken from his knee. These were then grown in the OsCell Laboratory over a three week period before being implanted back in his knee in the affected area.

He is now hoping to be able to return to a more active lifestyle in the future.

“I’m in the recovery phase at the moment, so it is early days, but I’m really pleased with the progress I’m making,” he said.

“My prospects look good and the procedure seems to have gone about as well as it could.

“I doubt you’ll see me back on a football field – I don’t want to take the risk – but I want to get back to playing sport and I will probably concentrate on golf now.

“I’m so grateful to Professor Richardson and the team at Oswestry. The work they do is incredible and I think it is fantastic that the ACI trials have been successful and it will now be available on the NHS.

“I feel like I’ve been lucky and I hope others get the same chance.”