Neuromuscular FAQs

Below you can find more information which may be useful, including links to external videos, factsheets and websites as well as information about appointments.



Muscular Dystrophy UK has been working with specialist health professionals and people with muscle-wasting conditions to create films.  

The films all discuss what it is like to live with a muscle-wasting condition, and explain the importance of accessing specialist healthcare to maintain muscle strength and quality of life. The short films also describe the wide range of support that is available from Muscular Dystrophy UK to support and advise people with muscle-wasting conditions.

You can watch the videos by clicking here.



Muscular Dystrophy UK have created factsheets with detailed information about different muscle-wasting conditions.

You can view the factsheets on the Muscular Dystrophy UK website, by clicking here





For information about appointments, please call 01691 404486 or for psychology appointments, please ring 01691 404041.