Infection Prevention and Control at RJAH

A key objective of The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is to maintain a clean culture throughout the Trust and to ensure that hand hygiene and infection prevention and control is embedded in the management agenda and the accountability of all staff. 

The Team

The infection prevention and control team works to support and advise in the prevention and control of infection.  Our team's aims are to:

  • Provide an advisory service from the microbiologist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Provide education and support
  • Undertake continuous surveillance which helps us to benchmark against other Trusts
  • Support and advise on the prevention and control of outbreaks or incidents associated with infection
  • Indicate areas of risk to the Trust and advise on action
  • Support and initiate audit, research and innovations in infection prevention and control
  • Provide appropriate infection control advice on developments and refurbishments.
  • Communicate through a team of link professionals from all specialities to cascade knowledge throughout the organisation


Key Achievements at RJAH 2016-2017

  • SSISS Education - In January, the Surgical Site Surveillance Nurse & IPC Analyst attend the Public Health England training session for surgical site surveillance.
  • Hand Hygiene - In November, the Trust invested in the 'Sure Wash' System. A portable, electronic hand hygiene training tool - which needs no soap or water!
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship - In April, The Trust appointed an Antimicrobial Pharmacist.  The role, along with the new Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee, monitors and discusses antimicrobial issues across the Trust.
  • New Audit - In October, 'Audit Wednesday' was launched alongside a new environmental audit. Results have shown a great improvement in ownership and action planning so far.
  • New Technology - 2017 saw the Trust use 'BioQuell', a fast response deep clean team which uses Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour to decontaminate Gladstone Ward.
  • The IPC Team - was strengthened in 2016 by securing the IPC Data Analyst post.
  • One Together - The One Together collaborative was launched in April  2016. Assessments in pre op and theatres have been undertaken, with TSSU and ward assessments to follow.
  • Education - The IPC team has taken part in education events for the school children across the county - inspiring young people to join the NHS; and teaching them how to wash their hands in the meantime!
  • New Build - The opening of the new theatre and ward complex was big news at RJAH this year. The IPCN was involved at all stages of the design and build process.
  • Alert Organisms - 0 MRSA Bacteraemia, 0 C difficile, 1 MSSA Bacteraemia, 4 E coli Bacteraemia.
  • CQC Inpatient Survey - The Trust achieved the accolade of coming top in the county across cleanliness metrics.

Contact Details:

Infection Prevention and Control Team
Governance Department 
RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Shropshire, SY10 7AG

General enquiries:
01691 404587 / 404609