Monthly Data

We are a specialist unit for bone and soft tissue diseases with over 2000 cases per year.

Turnaround times are the % of diagnostic specimens reported within a specific time.

The Royal College of Pathologists recommendation is that 90% of all biopsies are reported in <7 days and that 90% of all diagnostic specimens are reported in <10 days.


Diagnostic report Indicator May 2020

% of reports issued for diagnostic needle biopsies requiring H&E & reflex tests; 10 calendar days for bone biopsy, 7 calendar days for soft tissue biopsy


% of reports issued for soft tissue sarcoma resections requiring H&E & reflex tests in 10 calendar days


% of reports issued for bone tumour resections requiring decalcification, H&E & reflex tests in 21 calendar days

% of reports issued for all routine non tumour soft and bone samples requiring H&E; 10 calendar days for soft tissue samples, 21 calendar days for bone samples 100%