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The Orthotic Research & Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU) is based at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Oswestry. 

The unit was established in 1975 by Gordon Rose, an orthopaedic surgeon, to provide assessments of mobility impairment and to develop engineering solutions for disabled patients. Today ORLAU continues to:

  • Assess children and adults with mobility problems by gait analysis
  • Advise patients and referring clinicians on treatment options and strategies
  • Deliver orthotic and physiotherapy solutions for adults and children
  • Deliver complex mobility aids and devices
  • Train health professional in the fields of movement analysis and rehabilitation engineering
  • Research and develop engineering solutions for mobility impairment
  • Research mobility impairment by means of gait analysis 


ORLAU has developed the following resources which enable it to undertake a wide range of activities related to walking rehabilitation at all levels of disability:-

Gait Assessment Facilities comprising:-

  • 3D Movement Analysis
  • Electromyography
  • Ground Reaction Video Vector Analysis
  • Plantar pressure measurement
  • Energy Cost Assessment
  • Clinic Rooms for patient assessment and walking training
  • Plaster Room
  • Patient Information facility

Rehabilitation Engineering Facilities comprising:-

  • Mechanical workshop with a wide range of machine tools.
  • Computer Aided Design facility.
  • Materials and structures testing equipment.
  • Transportable ground reaction force monitoring instrumentation which can be offered as a stand-alone clinical service with clinical and technical support available from ORLAU staff.

The Team

Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Caroline Stewart, Senior Bioengineer/Manager
  • Neil Postans, Bioengineer
  • Simon Marchant, Clinical Engineer
  • Myurah Nathan, Trainee Clinical Scientist
  • Jack Baldwin, Bioinformatics Trainee
  • Will Bromwhich, Physiotherapist
  • Sarah Jarvis, Physiotherapist
  • Jenny Broadbent, Physiotherapist
  • Justine Bee, Physiotherapist
  • Darren Tinson, Physiotherapist
  • Kate Elston, Physiotherapist
  • Jayne Jones, Technical Instructor
Gait Laboratory
  • Hazel Hughes, Senior Gait Laboratory Technician
  • Tamzin Evans, Gait Laboratory Technician
  • Haf Williams, Gait Laboratory Technician
  • Keith Miller, Rehabilitation Engineer
  • Graham Richards, Senior Engineering Technician
  • Matthew Hardy, Engineering Technician
  • Gareth Blain, Engineering Technician
  • Karen Edwards, Business Support Manager
  • Lesley Vine, Gait Lab Secretary
  • Nicola Pickles, Gait Lab Secretary
  • Loraine Duncan, Patient Pathway Co-ordinator
  • Shirley Till, Admin Assistant
  • Kathryn Mottram, Admin Assistant
  • Ross James, Admin Apprentice
  • Cathy Madine, Orthotist
  • Stephanie Conover, Orthotist
  • Tom Woods, Orthotist
  • Lucy Preece, Orthotist
  • Emma Mottley, Domestic Assistant

Contact Us:

Our postal address is:-

The RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital,
NHS Foundation Trust
SY10 7AG

Please contact our reception on 01691 404532,

Office hours are 8.45 to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45 to 4.00 pm on Friday.

Please email for additional information: [email protected]