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Members are from the local community and further afield, they include patients, carers, volunteers and our staff who collectively have a stake in our hospital. Legally, as a Foundation Trust, we must have a registered membership which is reflective of the communities we serve in both England and Wales.

Membership is free!

You can become a member of our Foundation Trust, as long as you are 14 or over.  Please ask your parent or guardian for permission if you are under 16. Being a member means that you can help shape how we run our services. 

Members can be involved at different levels and give views on our hospital and its services. Members can: 

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If you have any queries please contact The Foundation Trust Office:

Membership Figures

At the end of July 2022 the membership figures were:-
Total Number of Members: 6566

Staff Members: 1170
Volunteers: 440
Public Members:  4956