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Joining the library

By joining the library you will have access to books, journals and a range of professional services.  We hold books and journal titles covering all aspects of medicine, nursing and health with a special emphasis on orthopaedics.

How to join
Join online
– it’s quick, easy and free

If you prefer you can join in person at the library


Library induction
We are happy to offer you a brief tailored induction so that you can get the best out of the library resources and services available to you. Whether you are new to the Trust, or if you would like a refresher please contact us to arrange a session to suit you. 

If you have recently attended a Corporate Induction session in the library, do come back for a brief 5 minute 1-1 with our library assistants who will show you how everything works.


Who can join?

  • All staff employed by the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Orthopaedic surgeons working at the Trust as part of the Oswestry Orthopaedic Training programme
  • Staffordshire University students on placement at the Trust or who are based at Shrewsbury Faculty of Health & Sciences (as part of a formal arrangement)
  • Students on clinical placement within the hospital

We also have a reciprocal agreement for book loans to employees of the other Shropshire NHS Trusts which form part of our union catalogue SHeLib - but these users should initially register with their own organisation's health library at Shrewsbury or Telford hospitals.


What can I borrow?
You may borrow any item held for loan within the Shropshire Health Libraries joint catalogue (depending on your eligibility)

Print journals and reference books can only be consulted or copied within the library and must not be removed

You are also entitled to access the library’s collections of eBooks. Further details can be found at search for a book.


How many items can I borrow?

Loans –  you are entitled to borrow up to 8 items either from our own stock or, depending on your eligibility, from across Shropshire Health Libraries shared catalogue, as part of a reciprocal agreement

Please note that if you are only eligible to join the library for under a month, you will not be permitted to borrow books.


 How long can I borrow items for?

  • Usually 28 days
  • Some items such as those in our exam collection or particular books from Shrewsbury or Telford Health Libraries may only be available to borrow for 14 days


What if I want to renew my loans?

  • We provide automatic renewals, up to 5 times on 28 day loans.
  • You can renew items up to a maximum of five times, provided that no other user has requested the items you have on loan
  • Please note that items cannot be renewed online by a user if those titles have fines. In this case please  contact the library.   Items without fines can still be renewed, even if other books have fines. 


How can I return my books?

  • Books may be returned to either RJAH Library & LKnowledge Service, Shrewsbury Health Library or Telford Health Library, irrespective of where they were borrowed from
  • You may return books outside staffed hours at both RJAH Library & Knowledge Service and Shrewsbury Health Library by using the returns book boxes provided
  • Shrewsbury or Telford books returned through the book box will continue to accrue fines  if applicable and these cannot be waived



What if I want to reserve something?
You may reserve an item in several ways; by phone, email, in person  or by logging in to your account to place a reservation at You will need a password to use this service.

If you do not have a password, or have forgotten it please contact the library for further assistance.

When reserving an item through the SHeLib catalogue you will also be prompted to choose which library you would like to collect your reservation from.

You will be contacted once your item is ready for collection. Reservations are normally held for 1 week prior to collection


What if my circumstances change?
Please tell your library, so that we may keep our records accurate and continue to contact or email you at your current address as necessary


What happens if I lose a book?

  • Borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of a book
  • The library may charge the current replacement cost of the book, or its nearest equivalent
  • When returning long overdue items that have not been invoiced, you will be required to pay any accrued fines in full
  • If an invoice for a lost item is paid, then fines on that item will be waived


Other library services

We offer a range of other professional services to support you

• Article requests
• Book requests
• Literature searching
• Information skills training
• Current awareness / alerting services
• General help and advice