RJAH Stars 2020

Every year, we bring hundreds of our people together to celebrate their successes of the past year and hand out some awards to a few of our particularly worthy teams and individuals. The Celebration of Achievement Awards have become one of the fixtures on the RJAH calendar.
This year, of course, things are different. The constraints of the coronavirus pandemic mean that we cannot safely hold this event, so it is with a heavy heart that we have taken the decision to call off this year’s Celebration of Achievement Awards. We hope and expect that they will be back in all their glory in 2021.
However, there was no way we were going to let the hard work of all our people go by without recognition in this year of all years – and it is that reason that we are proud to introduce instead RJAH Stars 2020.
This will be an awards event with a difference. Gone is the big dinner and the night of celebration, but instead we will be finding new and creative ways to celebrate our nominees and winners.

Staff can still nominate across a number of categories and information about the categories can be found below. These awards will doubtless recognise the work that has gone in to responding to the covid-19 pandemic – but we also want to make sure we recognise those people and teams who have found creative solutions to ensure we can deliver as many of our routine services as possible in these unusual times.


Open categories for teams
  • Outstanding Team Award (clinical) – recognising a team that has pulled together to deliver outstanding care for our patients. This award will celebrate a team which has kept our values at the heart of what we do throughout the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Outstanding Team Award (non-clinical) – support services have played a vital role in the coronavirus response, and this award recognises a team that has pulled together to deliver outstanding results. This award will celebrate a team which has kept our values at the heart of what we do throughout the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Power of Partnership Award – the covid-19 pandemic has inspired us to find new ways of working, and to forge new partnerships to ensure we can deliver outstanding care. This award recognises partnership between two or more teams – either within RJAH or across organisational boundaries – to deliver world class care.

Open categories for individuals
  • Outstanding Leadership Award – recognising a leader that has really stood up to the plate in the last year, and been able to respond to the unique challenges we have had to face. This award will celebrate a leader who has kept our values at the heart of what they do throughout the covid-19 pandemic. Your entry will be able to demonstrate clearly identifiable results which have benefited patients and/or colleagues.
  • Above and Beyond Award – aimed at both clinical and non-clinical staff, who have gone over and above in their work during the past year. Those nominating must provide tangible examples of how colleagues have gone above and beyond to benefit patients and/or support the Trust’s response to covid-19.
  • Unsung Star Award – this category is open to any member of staff who deserves recognition for the great job that they do. This may be someone that has been involved with patient care and shows empathy and understanding or someone who works in a non-patient facing role who shows tireless support for the needs of the service. The Unsung Star is aimed at someone who does not always get the recognition and thanks for the work that they do so well. 

Closed category 
  • Board of Directors Special Award – this award allows our Board of Directors to recognise a team that deserve special recognition for their work this year. This could be a clinical team, non-clinical team or a Project Team brought together to work on a specific piece of work. The Senior Leadership Team will suggest a shortlist, with the full Board voting to select a winner.
Public category
  • Patient Choice Award – has one of our people, or one of our teams, really made a difference to you over the past year? Help us celebrate them by putting them forward for our Patients’ Choice Award. Maybe you want to celebrate one of our doctors, nurses or physios for your care. Maybe you want to tell us about a non-clinical member of our teams who has gone out of their way to support you. Whatever your story, and whatever your reason, get in touch and let us know.