Nutrition and Hydration - Information for Patients - Leaflet

Nutrition, Good health

When you are in hospital it is common to have a reduced appetite.

Adequate nutrition is very important to help your recovery so staff will encourage you to eat and provide you with additional snacks.

If you are suffering from any symptoms which may be affecting your intake e.g. nausea, vomiting and constipation please highlight this to a nurse or doctor.

If you have a reduced appetite you could try to:

  • Adopt a little and often approach by eating smaller amounts but more regularly throughout the day
  • Have milky puddings at mealtimes e.g. rice pudding, thick and creamy yoghurts, sponge and custard
  • Have nourishing drinks throughout the day, these include: Milk, Build up Milkshakes, Hot Chocolate, Horlicks, Milky tea and coffee
  • Have snacks between meals

By being well nourished; this will help with:

  • Your recovery from illness or injury
  • Wound healing and prevention of pressure sores
  • Reducing the risk of developing infections
  • Improving muscle and bone strength

For more information please download the leaflet below.

Release Date: 26 Sep 2014