Information for Patients - Dementia and Memory Problems Care -Leaflet

The aim of this leaflet is to help patients and their family/carers understand the support available whilst in hospital and to answer any frequently asked questions.

We understand that admission to hospital can be a disorientating and unsettling time for anyone but this can be a bigger challenge if you have dementia. We appreciate that hospitals are busy places and that this can be overwhelming at times. We want to support you and your family/carers, to reduce any anxiety.

We will ensure that you and your family/carer are treated with dignity and respect at all times, and will assist you to maintain your well-being and to support your decision making. It is important to us that if there is anything you are worried or concerned about you ask any member of the Trust team. If they cannot answer the question themselves they will guide you to the right person to ask.

The Trust is a member of the Butterfly Scheme (which is explained in the leaflet) and all wards and departments have butterfly champions who can support you and your family with any differing needs.

Release Date: 02 Feb 2015