Facility Time

Through our Recognition Agreement, we recognise a number of Trade Unions and Professional Associations for the purpose of collective bargaining on behalf of all employees who are directly employed by the Trust, whether full time or part time, permanent or temporary.

The members of each of these organisations elect representatives who work with us to represent their members.  They can be carrying out union Duties, which means that under legislation, employers are obliged to pay elected representatives to carry it out.  They can also be carrying out union Activities – which means that employers are not legislatively obliged to provide paid time to elected representatives. 

The overarching term ‘facility time’ covers both union Duties and Activities.  

Where facility time is paid, payment is made at the amount the representative would otherwise have received had they been at work.  Where union duties are in addition to the normal contracted hours of the individual accredited representative, payment is made at single time or the equivalent time off given – no overtime pay is applicable. 

It is our statutory duty to publish this information for the previous financial year by the end of July each year.

Release Date: 31 Jul 2018