Radiographer crowned Health Hero for prioritising patient safety

Release Date: 28/11/2019

Radiographer crowned Health Hero for prioritising patient safety

A calm and caring Radiographer has been hailed as the latest winner of the Health Hero Award at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in recognition of her work to ensure patients have a safe MRI scan.

Megan Evans, MRI and CT Radiographer, was announced as November’s winner for the award at the Oswestry-based hospital’s monthly Board of Directors meeting.

Megan was nominated by Naomi Penrose, Communications Officer, after she spent time shadowing Megan as part of MRI Safety Week.

Naomi said: “I spent time with Megan one morning and live-tweeted my experience, focussing on issues that related to MRI safety.

“On that particular morning, she and the rest of the team faced a number of issues which arose at the last minute but kept their list moving swiftly and safely.

“Despite all the challenge, Megan still took the time to patiently answer my questions about the process and I was made to feel welcome throughout despite their busy list and difficulties of the morning.

“I also saw how Megan was calm, caring and professional with all patients and helped to put them at ease throughout their scan.”

Megan was presented her award by Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive, where she received a special badge and certificate as well as a box of fruit and vegetables from Box of Goodness.

She said: “It was a lovely surprise to win the Health Hero Award for November, thank you to Naomi for the nomination.

“Naomi spent the morning with us as part of MRI Safety Week, and the challenges we faced demonstrated what we have to go through when trying to ensure a patient is safe for their MRI scan.

“Some patients can’t have MRI scans; this may be because they have certain devices surgically implanted or have metal in their eyes from previous accidents; so we go through patient safety questionnaires with a fine toothcomb.

“I really enjoy working in MRI and CT Scanning and I’m lucky to work alongside a really lovely team.

“Thank you again to Naomi, it’s lovely for the team to be recognised for the work we do from someone outside of the department.”

Mark said: “Our Radiographers play a key role in the delivery of patient care. The department is always busy, but they maintain high standards and have patient safety as their number one priority.

“Megan epitomises these high standards and we are proud to have her working here at RJAH.”

Photo caption: Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive, presenting Megan Evans, MRI and CT Radiographer, with her Health Hero Award alongside her MRI and CT colleagues - Jodie Rogers, Dawn Collins and Louise Arnold.

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