RJAH lands award for commitment to Patient Safety

Release Date: 28/11/2018

RJAH lands award for commitment to Patient Safety

The patient safety culture at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital has been recognised with a coveted award from the National Joint Registry (NJR).

The Oswestry-based hospital has been certified as a Quality Data Provider – certifying that it has achieved standards related to patient safety and met registry targets.

It serves as reassurance to patients coming to the specialist centre, on the back of recent national media attention relating to medical device rules and claims of unsafe implants being used in the NHS.

RJAH has gone above and beyond what is legally required to make its processes safe – establishing a Procedures Committee, chaired by a senior clinician, which scrutinises all implants that have not been authorised before. No surgeon can use an implant not previously used at the hospital without the sign-off of this committee.

Similar processes have also been established for the use of all new medicines, injections and tablets that come into the hospital. These must all pass through a Drugs and Therapeutics Committee chaired by a senior pharmacist.

Mr Steve White, Medical Director at RJAH, said: “Improving patient safety is of the upmost importance and something all our staff take very seriously. 

“We fully support the National Joint Registry’s work in facilitating improvement in clinical outcomes and governance for the benefit of joint replacement patients and we’re delighted to be awarded as a ‘NJR Quality Data Provider’. 

“If using new products, we try to do long-term surveillance with manufacturers to follow up in meticulous detail over many years. We go beyond compliance.

“I would encourage any patient with questions or concerns about implants being suggested for use in their procedures, to raise these at their next appointment.”

It is a key aim of the NJR to identify any brand of prosthesis showing high failure rates so that these can be taken out of use as quickly as possible.

To do this, the NJR seeks patient consent to monitor any replacement hip, knee, ankle, elbow or shoulder joint procedure. Data including the procedure type and the brand of prostheses is recorded for initial implant procedures and for any revisions of the device.

As part of assessments for the ‘Quality Data Provider’ award, national quality audits by NJR are undertaken.  These monitor the data completeness and quality within the registry and scored RJAH at 97%, which is seen as an excellent result and well above the 85% target.

Submitting such a high volume of data allows NJR to use this data to support quality improvements and best practice through its monitoring and reporting of the outcomes achieved.

National Joint Registry medical director, Mr Martyn Porter, said: “Congratulations to colleagues at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital. The Quality Data Provider award demonstrates the high standards being met towards ensuring compliance with the NJR and is often a strong reflection of a departmental effort to achieve such status.

“Registry data now provides an important source of evidence for regulators, such as the Care Quality Commission, to inform their judgements about services, as well as being a fundamental driver to inform improved quality of care for patients.

“It is clear that for surgeons and patients alike, the necessity for having accurate and complete data is an absolute requirement.  The Quality Data Provider award continues to go from strength to strength and highlights the number of hospitals who are now fully engaged with the NJR’s data completeness programme.”

Full details about the NJR’s Quality Data Provider certificate scheme can be found online at:  www.njrcentre.org.uk.

Pictured: With the Quality Data Provider certificate is Theatre Receptionist Fiona Goodwin, along with (from left) Mr Paul Cool, Consultant Oncological Surgeon; Steph Wilson, Business Insight Lead; and Mr Chris Evans, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.


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