Mirrors reflecting a solution to bad backs for nurses

Release Date: 07/04/2017

Mirrors reflecting a solution to bad backs for nurses

Anyone who has suffered a bad back knows how debilitating it can be. It is a condition that has seen many patients seek out the care of The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital.

Now one ward at the Oswestry-based hospital has introduced a new tool to help nurses avoid getting bad backs of their own – and the innovation has proved so successful that it is to be rolled out across the hospital.

The simple change has seen nurses on Sheldon Ward, the hospital’s dedicated Care of the Elderly Ward, issued with pocket-sized mirrors to help them monitor the heels of vulnerable patients without having to repeatedly bend over.

The mirrors are accompanied by a small foot-shaped magnet that can be discreetly attached to a patient’s chart, alerting staff to patients who require regular monitoring.

Lorna Edwards, Ward Manager on Sheldon Ward, said: “We often have patients with vulnerable heels, and to assess this it often involves nurses almost standing on their heads; which is obviously not good for their backs.

“While searching on Twitter, I found a company called Respond2pressure, who have designed a shatterproof mirror to attach to a nurse’s uniform pocket. It’s a simple idea which makes it easier to see hard to see places on our patients.”

The initiative has also been supported by Director of Nursing Bev Tabernacle, who has been impressed by the impact of the pocket mirrors.

She  said: “It’s a testament to the innovation of our Ward Managers, who are constantly thinking of new ways to improve patient care at RJAH. Sometimes our nursing staff are bending over backwards – quite literally!

“Lorna has found a brilliant solution to a problem which can give our nurses back pain, which in turn could see them taking time off work.

“With the magnets on patient charts and using mirrors for assessments, it provides a better way of caring for those vulnerable patients and is relatively inexpensive so does not impact on our finances.

“This idea is so good that I am arranging for it to be rolled out across the Trust.”

Pictured with the new mirrors and magnets are, from left, Staff Nurse Vicky Wards, Sister Jackie Barry and Staff Nurse Lizzy Horn. 

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