‘It’s a wrap’ as RJAH targets safer surgery

Release Date: 20/03/2019

‘It’s a wrap’ as RJAH targets safer surgery

The Theatre Sterile Services Unit (TSSU) at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital are trialling an innovative Theatre equipment tray wrap that will make surgery safer.

RJAH is the first hospital on the mainland to use this product, which is manufactured by Clinipak, following in the footsteps of over 200 European hospitals.

The TSSU team at the Oswestry-based hospital are responsible for cleaning surgical equipment and instruments.

Once trays of equipment have been disinfected, they are then packaged in sterilisation wrap to be used by Consultant Surgeons and the teams in Theatres.

Trays are packaged with sterilisation wrap to ensure equipment remains intact and clean whilst being transported to Theatres. This reduces the risk of any infection to patients, and of risk to staff from sharp instruments.

John Welsby, Decontamination Manager, said: “The new wrapping system we’re trialling really is the next generation and a more innovative way of how hospitals can package their instrument trays and save on waste to help the hospital and the environment.

“We are already reaping the advantages of this wrap – it’s 100% recyclable, easy to use and will result in cost savings to the Trust.

“We’re also noticing a real reduction in the amount of time the team are spending on wrapping one tray. It’s taking approximately a quarter of the time to wrap a set.”

RJAH is the first hospital in England to be trialling the state-of-the-art product, and will be the first hospital in the UK to use it on all trays.

Amanda Peet, Clinical Services Manager, said: “We’re extremely excited in Theatres to be at the forefront of this advancement and trying out this product.

“The main benefit we will be to our patients as the old wrap we were using was known for being fragile and often holes and breaks were found in trays, which meant that tray couldn’t be used, and patients would have their surgery postponed.

“We aim to have a reduction in our on-the-day cancellations and delays to operations due to this wrap being practically unbreakable.”

Photo caption: Lee Meredith, TSSU Supervisor, (front) trialling the new equipment with Mel Robson, Regional Sales Manager for Clinipak. 

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