Children’s hospital bay transformed into Woodland wonderland

Release Date: 24/03/2017

Children’s hospital bay transformed into Woodland wonderland

Local artist Emma Good has brought a dash of magic to The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital – transforming a children’s recovery bay into a beautiful woodland wonderland.

The bay, within the Recovery Unit at the Oswestry-based hospital, is where children come round after undergoing surgery.

And, thanks to this project – funded with a £500 donation from the hospital’s League of Friends – they will now be greeted by foxes, a badger, birds, butterflies and autumnal trees.

It’s all a stark contrast to the previously blank and uninspiring walls within the bay, a fact not lost on Paediatric Recovery Lead Nurse Madeleine Good.

Madeleine said: “We wanted to do something to brighten up the recovery room and make it a more friendly area for children when they come around from surgery, as this can be a scary and disorientating time for them.

“Emma is my sister-in-law and I knew how talented she is, so I approached her about doing something and she has done a fantastic job.

“It looks fantastic and we have had a tremendous response from the children and their families, as well as from the staff here at the hospital. It’s made a massive difference.

“We’re so grateful to the League of Friends for all their support – not just with this, but with other equipment they have bought for us too.”

Emma Good, from Clun, said: “I felt privileged to be able to do this, and it’s been pleasing that it has had such great feedback. It’s nice to think that it can help to make the children feel a little bit more relaxed when they’ve just had an operation.

“Maddie wanted a woodland theme and I’d already done the trees in my daughter’s nursery so I used them again and added in the animals.”

The League of Friends have also recently spent almost £800 buying two ipads, and a toy ride-along car and wagon for the Children’s Unit.

The iPads are loaded with child-friendly apps and used for distraction post-op, while the car and wagon are used as a fun way for children to make the journey from the Children’s Ward to Theatre for surgery.

Victoria Sugden, Manager of the League of Friends, said they were delighted to support the art project when approached to fund it.

“This is a wonderful initiative that will make such a big difference to some of our most vulnerable patients,” she said.

“I don’t think anyone particularly likes being in hospital but that is especially true for children, so anything we can do to make the experience that bit better for them is so important.

“I must say we are delighted with the result of this project. Emma has done a fantastic job and the room looks just terrific.

“We were also very happy to pay for the ipads and ride-along toys,” she added. “We have been pleased that they have proved to be so popular.”

Pictured: In the newly-decorated Paediatric Recovery Room are, back, Victoria Sugden, League of Friends Manager, and Madeleine Good, Paediatric Lead Nurse, and front, artist Emma Good and daughter Rosie, who is in the ride-along car purchased for the hospital by the League of Friends.

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