Hospital Artefacts

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has more than 400 items in its historical collection, all relating to the hospital.

Most were originally prescribed for patients and, after the patients had finished with them, were donated back to the hospital for use in nurse teaching and training.


Hospital artefacts factsheets

  1. The Thomas Splint
  2. Pavlik Harness
  3. Milwaukee Brace
  4. Mermaid Splint
  5. Torticollis Collar
  6. Littler-Jones
  7. Gooch's Splint
  8. Tulloch Brown Loop
  9. Well-leg Traction Apparatus
  10. Forrester-Brown Splint


The factsheets were compiled by David Adams, Collection Manager, who works as a Clinical Scientist for the Trust. The factsheets are free to download for personal use, but users are asked to respect the Hospital’s copyright in these materials.

If anyone is interested in a talk or display on the hospital's artefacts collection, they are asked to contact David Adams at [email protected] or on 01691 404157.