Hip and Knee Replacement FAQs: Before Your Pre-Operative Assessment

Q1. Can I eat on the day that I come in for my pre-operative assessment?

You should eat your usual breakfast on the morning of your pre-operative assessment.
This is not the same when you are coming in for surgery when you will be given specific instructions about when to stop eating and drinking.

Q2. What tests are done at the Pre-Operative Assessment?

When you attend for pre-operative assessment, depending on the complexity of your operation and any medical conditions that have, you will undergo a series of tests e.g. blood pressure, temperature, pulse check and ECG, as well as blood tests, screening for MRSA (nose swabs) etc, you may also be asked to provide a specimen of your urine.

You will be contacted if any significant abnormal results are found.

Q3. Will I see an anaesthetist before my operation?

When you attend Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic you may be seen by an anaesthetist if you have a number of pre-existing medical conditions.
 If your general health is good your anaesthetist will see you on the day of your operation.

Q4. When I have had surgery previously I have been sick after the operation – is there anything I can do to prevent this?

You need to tell the Pre-Operative Assessment staff as well as your anaesthetist, that you are prone to post-operative sickness. There is medication that can be prescribed for you to help prevent this.

Q5. What happens next if my operation is postponed?

If your operation is postponed to allow further tests, investigations or procedures to be undertaken and completed before we proceed with your hip or knee operation, you will be offered another date when we have received written confirmation from your GP that you are now fit to proceed with your planned surgery.

Q6. Worries about deterioration in health?

If after your pre-operative assessment visit, your health deteriorates, please contact the hip and knee helpline on 01691 404659 to discuss this.