Hip and Knee Replacement FAQs: Before Your Operation

Q1. Can I eat and drink on the day of surgery?

Your letter and the Patient Information DVD about Joint Replacement Surgery will tell you when to stop eating and drinking prior to your surgery.

Q2. Can I take my tablets on the day of surgery?

At your pre operative assessment appointment, staff will review the tablets you currently take. They will provide you with written information about any alterations to your normal routine.

Q3. When will I come in for my operation?

You will be admitted on the day of your operation unless for clinical reasons your consultant requests that you come in to hospital the day before.

Q4. What clothing do I need to bring with me?

 You will need appropriate nightwear for sleeping. Loose fitting comfortable clothing to wear during the day and comfortable well fitting shoes and slippers that are easy to both put on and take off.  Footwear should have low heels and be secure on your feet to reduce the risk of tripping and falling.


Q5. Where can I buy the specialist aids?

From the shop called Ableworld in the hospital main entrance or you can obtain the daily living aids at a number of high street shops/ chemists or order online from various retailers such as Argos, Boots and Tesco.

Q6. What are the visiting times on the ward?

Ward visiting times do differ. Please take a look at the Ward Information.