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CEO Mark BrandrethMark Brandreth - Chief Executive of The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital - writes a regular blog which gives an insight into his role and life within the NHS.

Mark said: "This is intended to be a two-way communication process, so I welcome any thoughts and feedback that you may have regarding my blogs.

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  • CEO Blog, 13 August 2018 - I've just had the most amazing conversation

    It happened by chance. It was a colleague of mine who popped in to ask me to sign a form (an amazingly regular but unfulfilling part of being a Chief Executive). Mundane work on a normal Monday.  As the person was about to leave I said “How are you?” Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 11 May 2018 - Happy Nurses Day
    With International Nurses Day approaching tomorrow, Mark's blog shares a personal experience of encountering his own Florence Nightingale as he pays tribute to nurses everywhere. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 27 April 2018 - Review of the Year 2017/18
    April is a funny month. It is when we find out how we have done financially for the year before (our accounts run to the 31st March), it is when we prepare our annual report and accounts, and this year, it is when we submit our plan for 2018/19 (even though we have already started delivering it).  The ‘year-end’ certainly doesn’t involve the chimes of Big Ben. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 7 March 2018 - Thank you James
    This week will see our hospital family come together and pay our respects to an Orthopaedic pioneer. Many words have already been written about him and many more will be shared over the coming days and weeks. You see James, known to many of us as just ‘Prof’, was a remarkable doctor. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 3 November 2017 - I can't wait...

    I got asked this week about our expected inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). One member of staff asked me “Are you frightened of the CQC coming?” What an interesting idea. I am frightened of heights and one of my kids is frightened of spiders. Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 11 September 2017 - Back to school

    The hospital has a ‘back to school’ feeling this week. Summer is over and ‘have you had a nice holiday’ is being replaced with debates about putting the heating on at home. By the time you read this you may have heard we have been shortlisted in the HSJ awards as Provider Trust of the Year. Being shortlisted in the equivalent of the health oscars is a brilliant achievement all the staff should be really proud of. Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 10 August 2017 - Busman's Holiday
    So I am on a busman’s holiday. I left RJAH on Wednesday evening for a few days off. The plan was a couple of days in London and a chance to see the Athletics World Championships with the family. It was also a few days to relax, gather my thoughts and reflect on a busy few months at home and work.   Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 8 June 2017 - Which are we?

    I’ve had a few days off. As well as spending copious amounts of time applying sun cream to children, I got the chance to think. What are we? Brilliant (even at times the best) or maybe arrogant? My conclusion? In reality I don’t think we are either.  Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 13 April 2017 - Necessary, but not sufficient

    The last week has been lovely. I can give you some reasons why. We achieved a brilliant year end (end of March) position of 91.3% RTT. This means are patients are waiting less time for their care. We have no English patients waiting over 52 weeks. We achieved our financial targets, again a major achievement in the current financial climate. And whilst these are important some will ask 'so what?' Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 10 March 2017 - A small, special hospital
    I delivered this speech at our Year of Celebration service in Baschurch on the 4th March. As I approach my first anniversary as Chief Executive I thought I should share it with those who were not able to hear it. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 13 February 2017 - Operational Excellence
    Last Monday was my birthday. I spent the day with senior NHS and local authority colleagues from across Shropshire talking about our health and care system. Not a usual way to celebrate the passing of another year, but it made me think about this time last year, when I had just been announced as the new Chief Executive. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 23 December 2016 - Simply thank you

    I am sat in my office. Some awful Christmas music is playing quietly outside. I am hearing people in the corridor chat excitedly about Christmas. About the fun night out shared with colleagues, about the departmental Christmas decoration competition, about the  brilliant Christmas lunches... Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 27 October 2016 - A hospital in a tent

    I've been to visit another hospital. It was just like many other hospitals I have been in. It had brilliant and dedicated staff. It was focussed on its patients. It was managing the order of its cases in theatre. It was trying to keep ED moving. It was training its junior staff. It was well led, it had a focus on its budget. Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 12 September 2016 - The Big Conversation

    This has been a good week and it is only Tuesday! Why? Well because I have been able to spend some time briefing our managers, our clinical leaders and our staff on the new 'Rebuilding Relationships Programme.'  This programme has three parts; i) having conversations, ii) developing leaders and iii) improving our processes. Read more here.

  • CEO Blog, 8 August 2016 - 100 down
    It is the end of the summer term. For those with them, the children have finished school. People up and down the land are looking forward to well-earned holidays. People are ready for a rest, a chance to recharge the batteries before we start to do it all again. For me, it is a time to reflect. I have done my first 100 days as Chief Executive. Wow it flew by. A chance to reflect on how I think I am doing. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 5 July 2016 - Happy Birthday!
    Today (5th July) is the 68th birthday of the NHS. What a special thing it is and what a privilege it is to work in it. Let’s hope it endures and continues to thrive for a long time. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 7 June 2016 - The little things...
    As well as starting a new job, I am moving house. interesting time in my life. We debated having some work done on the house but with it was never going to achieve what we wanted (for the price we wanted to pay!) and so we decided it was time to move. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 25 April 2016 - How do you listen?
    So, three weeks now working at this fabulous place. In the last couple of weeks I managed to spend some time chatting with the team on HDU and I was able to attend an MDT with Nigel Kiely and then follow his ward round on Alice Ward. Read more here.
  • CEO Blog, 11 April 2016 - Thanks for the Welcome!

    This is quite a place. Reflecting on my first week the strength of pride in working here is what has hit me. Whether it's people who have been here for 30 years plus, or just a few weeks, the sense of service and the desire to care shines through.  Read more here.