About Us

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH) is a leading orthopaedic centre of excellence. A specialist hospital with a reputation for innovation, the Trust provides a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal (bone, joint and tissue) surgical, medical and rehabilitation services; locally, regionally and nationally.

Our Vision is:

“ Aspiring to deliver world class patient care."

We pride ourselves in the standards we achieve and in the feedback from our patients on the quality of our services.  There is always opportunity to improve and we have considered the Francis report and its related publications and are committed to take forward any actions that help improve care for our patients.

The organisation is a single site hospital based in Oswestry, Shropshire, close to the border with Wales. As such, the Trust serves the people of both England and Wales, as well as acting as a national healthcare provider. It also hosts some local services which support the communities in and around Oswestry.

The hospital has eight inpatient wards including a private patient ward, ten operating theatres, as well as extensive outpatient and diagnostic facilities. Outreach clinics are held in neighbouring healthcare facilities to ensure that specialist services are provided as close to people’s homes as possible.

The Orthopaedic hospital has been in existence as an independent hospital since 1900. It was taken into the NHS in 1948 and achieved NHS Trust status in 1994. Recently, the hospital was awarded NHS Foundation Trust status, as of August 2011. This means that RJAH can better shape healthcare services around local needs and priorities and the requirements of commissioners of healthcare.

We are honoured to have the Duchess of Kent as our long-standing patron.


Our Values are:

Image of the Trust Values logo


patients are always put at ease and made welcome

the care we deliver has great outcomes for patients

we put the patient first and are considerate of their needs

we apply high professional standards to our work

for our patients and each other


Our Signature Behaviours

As part of our culture and leadership programme, called Make The Difference, we set about a piece of work that would start to define exactly what these values mean – and identify behaviours linked to all of them.

We called these Signature Behaviours. They are important because they are all about how we work and interact with each other, and care for our patients.

There are five for each of our values, making up a total of 25 Signature Behaviours.



Photo of the new main hospital entrance An RJAH ambassador helping a patient with the self check-in kiosk Photo of two of the MCSI sisters